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How to reset air suspension on Range Rover

How to reset air suspension on Range Rover


The Range Rover, also known as Land Rover Range Rover, is a 4x4 motor car produced by the Land Rover Company. This Company is a sub-brand of the Jaguar Land Rover car which was started in 1970 by British Leyland Motors. This vehicle is in its fifth generation now and there are other models under the name, Range Rover. These models include Range Rover Sport, Range Rover Evoque, and Range Rover Velar.

Having changed ownership a few times, the Land Rover Range Rover firm now belongs to the Indian auto manufacturing giant, Tata Motors. 

The fifth generation Range Rover was launched on the 26th of October 2021 by the Royal Opera House in London. It was launched by the Motor Companys Chief Creative Officer and car designer, Gerry McGovern. The vehicle has two PHEVs, three diesel, and two petrol JLR 3.0 L Ingenium I6 engine options. And it will be the first from JLR to use an engine developed under the combustion and electrified powertrain partnership agreed upon between JLR and BMW in 2019, as a 4.4L BMW/JLR V8 engine is also an option. The car was unveiled with a range of mild hybrid diesel and petrol engines, with plug-in hybrids due in early 2022 and an all-electric model in 2024.

The Range Rover, with an air suspension system installed into it, has numerous advantages, features & benefits and they include; an adjustable leveling control, elimination of sagging,  safer carriage of loads, better brake application, improved steering and handling on the road,  stabilization of body roll,  excellent ride on the road, reduced wear and tear of tires, and a lower cost of maintenance.

In addition, the Land Rover Range Rover, because of advancement in car technology will be introducing a new and innovative advancement on the Discovery Sport. This innovation is a pedestrian airbag designed to protect anyone, unavoidably, hit by a vehicle while crossing the road. The airbag works when its sensors, situated below the exterior of the front bumper, detect the impact with a crossing pedestrian. The vehicle moving 24 and 48 kilometers per hour has its sensors detect impact, and the airbag often hidden behind a panel below the windshield deploys itself in 60 milliseconds.

Range Rover Problems

The Range Rover, though a choice and luxury car, has its problems. Every owner of this vehicle knows that it commands attention, interest, and adoration, however, it has its flaws for which it's criticized. It's criticized for its problems because every customer wants optimal value for the products they buy. If you own a Range Rover that gives you problems and you seek solutions to them, this article is for you.

The most common problem of the Range Rover cars is the suspension system. The Range Rover suspension system, though designed to give a smooth ride on the road has a fault, it fails. This failure gives a jarring and uncomfortable ride. At times, the suspension system can completely fail, stranding you in the middle of nowhere especially when traveling. Other Range Rover suspension faults are:

  • Airbag Fault
  • Airbags are pivotal to the Range Rover suspension system. The airbags, over time, can develop leaks. These leaks are caused by the rubber of which it's made losing its strength because of the age or serviceability of the car. 

  • Height Problems
  • This is also a problem confronting owners of the luxury Range Rover. The height sensors are designed and installed into the vehicle to measure the vehicle's distance from the ground. The sensors sit on four corners in proximity to the airbags. The sensors are damaged by the vehicle's exposure to rough terrains or harsh weather. And loose and damaged sensors can cause a suspension system to sag.

  • Electronic Problems
  • These problems stem from your control panels or frayed wires. I suggest you consult a professional Mechanic who can solve this problem.

  • Jacking
  • A saggy air suspension system in a Range Rover is difficult to jack. The car becomes lowered. It moves at a snail's pace because there's nothing to withstand the weight of the car.

    • Air Compressor 

    Air compressors fail after many years of use. This causes air shortage in and through the system. It will cause an error message to appear.

    Now that you're aware of air suspension problems in the Range Rover car, let me discuss with you how to reset the air suspension on Range Rover.

    How to Reset Air Suspension on Range Rover

    To every problem, there's a solution. I say to you, owning a Range Rover owner, to every problem bedevilling your Range Rover, there's a solution. So if your Range Rover gives you uncomfortable driving on the road, these solutions are for you. There're two ways by which you can reset the air suspension in your Range Rover. You can either consult a Mechanic to reset it for you or do the resetting yourself.

    In resetting the air suspension on your Range Rover yourself, here is all you need to do: 

    • Revv the engine to life when you get into the car
    • Position the car to park and engage the hand brake
    • Turn the steering wheel till it's locked; an average of 3 turns
    • Turn the wheel in another direction till it's locked

    In addition, the use of the raise and lower switch 1, or off driving resets the system. This can be done if your Range Rover is grounded and traction control is on. The extension mode is activated to raise the vehicle.

    If the suspension system is damaged beyond repair, you replace them. In installing them, you can either do it yourself or consult a dealer/mechanic. A full replacement for your Range Rover air suspension, at most motor dealing and car strut companies, could cost average of $800, you can replace your four struts. You dispel air suspension worries by doing this. Stresses about plastic air lines or noisy compressors are quelled. When you replace the air suspension system, you'll be exchanging your car worries for great mechanical resistance in your car against it.

    Furthermore, you can also use the soap and water method. The procedures are:

    1. Get a readied spray bottle filled with soapy water and squirt it over the air suspension system: bags, struts, and airlines to the bags.
    2. Remove the rubber boots over the airbags that prevent access to them.
    3. Spray the air pressure valve after removing the rear plastic wheel cover.
    4. Be on the lookout for obvious leaks in the airlines by bubbles caused by the soapy water you've sprayed.

    You can disable the suspension system to reset more difficult problems by:

    1. Finding the fuse box and removing the lid
    2. Locating the ridge height fuse.
    3. Removing, completely, the fuse
    4. Then measure the ride height of your 4 wheels from the center cap to the bottom of the wheel fender.
    5. Record the taken measurement of each wheel. A diagram will help you remember its place.


    Resetting the Range Rover air suspension is quite easy if all the steps provided are carefully adhered to. Also, there is no air suspension problem without a solution so ensure to diagnose and get it fixed as soon as possible. 


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