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Air Spring

Air Spring Suspensions: How Air-Suspension Works and Tips to Test Them

Air spring suspensions are a great way to improve the ride of your vehicle. These springs work by using compressed air as the suspension medium. They can be found on many types of vehicles such as cars, SUVs and even trucks.

Air springs provide several advantages over other suspension systems: they reduce vibration and noise more effectively than any other type of suspension system; they last much longer than traditional coil or leaf springs; and there is no need for lubrication because the air does not wear down like metal parts do.

What is an Air Spring Suspension?

An air spring suspension system is a type of self-contained, automatic loading and unloading suspension system that uses compressed air as the spring medium. A compressor pumps pressurized gas into an accumulator or storage tank when the load on the vehicle increases.

How long do air springs usually last?

Generally, most people expect their air suspension system to last around five years before they start showing signs of wear or break down completely. However, this can vary depending on several factors such as the quality of your vehicle's suspension system and also how often it is used.

When do you need to replace your air spring?

If you feel like your air spring suspension system is not performing as well as it used to, there are a few signs that indicate the need for replacement.

First of all, if they seem to be sagging or losing their firmness when you press on them with your foot then this could mean that they have gone bad and will soon need replacement.

Secondly, if you hear hissing or other strange noises when driving over bumps then this might indicate that the air suspension is not working properly any longer and needs to be replaced soon.

Lastly, if your vehicle pulls to one side more than usual while turning corners then chances are good that one of the springs has broken which means that you need to replace them soon.

Aftermarket airbag Suspension Kit VS OEM air Bag Suspension

If you're wondering whether you should replace your air suspension system with an aftermarket or OEM model, the answer is that it depends on several variables.

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