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Why Choose Vigor?

          Our Mission

          At Vigor air ride, we're passionate about providing the ultimate air suspension solutions. Driven by innovation and a commitment to quality, we aim to elevate the performance and aesthetics of vehicles worldwide.

          20 years of working on the manufacture, testing, and distribution of air spring products on all continents make Vigor a well-recognized reference in the international market.

          We are engaged with the constant process of perfection of contemporary engineering.

          That's why we strive to provide products and services that live up to the highest automotive technology. We are committed to excellence, and we act like it!

          Vigor develops its own technology, increasing the efficiency and profitability of air spring equipment on multiple vehicle models. Thus, they work as good as the original spare parts. What sets Vigor apart from the competitions:

          • Exceptional Production Capacity: Crafting over 2MM air springs annually.
          • Prompt Delivery: Standard orders fulfilled in just 20 days.
          • Complete In-house Production: Every part is produced in-house, ensuring comprehensive quality control and offering you unmatched peace of mind.

          Content Contributors

          Our production guide and blog content are crafted by our team of experts:

          Mike Ma, Suspension Design Engineer LinkedIn
          As our Suspension Design Engineer, Mike brings a wealth of experience in automotive mechanics. He specializes in designing innovative suspension systems that combine functionality with durability, ensuring our products meet the highest standards.

          David Xu, Technical Customer Assistant
          David's expertise in air suspension and his dedication to customer education make his an essential part of our team. His guidance helps customers make informed decisions about our products.

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