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Why Choose Vigor Air Suspensions?

          • No product is left behind; all have a chance of repair.
          • A high quality, long-lasting brand name.
          • Audio-visual specifications to facilitate the installation process.
          • Customer service on American territory
          • Functionality and great coverage on different types of vehicles.

          Vigor Air Suspensions is an innovative multinational company focused on creating solutions in the air suspension industry. We provide car and truck owners with durable, high-quality air supply products, so you never have to worry about your vehicles again. 

          20 years of working on the manufacture, testing, and distribution of air spring products on all continents make Vigor a well-recognized reference in the international market.

          We are engaged with the constant process of perfection of contemporary engineering.

          That's why we strive to provide products and services that live up to the highest automotive technology. We are committed to excellence, and we act like it!

          Vigor develops its own technology, increasing the efficiency and profitability of air spring equipment on multiple vehicle models. Thus, they work as good as the original spare parts.