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Air Suspension Warranty and Claims

At [Your Company Name], our products are designed with quality and reliability in mind. Our 1-year warranty reflects our commitment to delivering superior air suspension products, covering defects in materials and workmanship. Please note, our warranty does not cover issues arising from improper installation.

Warranty Coverage:

Our 1-year warranty covers:

  • Materials and Workmanship: Defects in materials or workmanship of the air suspension products are fully covered under our warranty.

However, there are specific scenarios where this warranty does not apply. These exclusions are detailed below:

  1. Improper Installation and Usage:

    • Valve and Air Spring Installation: Damage due to improperly tightened valves or incorrect installation of air springs, such as cross-threading or use of non-standard tools.
    • Incorrect Inflation Practices: Complications arising from inflating air springs without proper vehicular support, leading to uneven pressure distribution or physical damage to the airbag structure.
    • Unapproved Modifications: Alterations or modifications to the air suspension system not authorized or recommended by us, which compromise the integrity and performance of the product.
  2. Misuse, Abuse, or Neglect:

    • Exceeding Load Capacities: Damage resulting from overloading the system beyond its specified weight capacity, leading to stress and potential failure of components.
    • Improper Maintenance: Neglecting routine checks and maintenance, resulting in preventable wear and tear or deterioration of the air suspension parts.
    • Using in Inappropriate Conditions: Using the air suspension in extreme off-road conditions or environments for which it is not designed.
  3. External Causes and Environmental Factors:

    • Accidents and Collisions: Damage from external impacts, road accidents, or any form of collision that affects the air suspension system.
    • Exposure to Harmful Substances: Deterioration due to contact with corrosive materials, solvents, or exposure to extreme heat or cold which is not a normal operating condition.
    • Water Damage: Complications arising from water ingress into parts of the air suspension system, leading to rust or corrosion.
  4. Normal Wear and Tear:

    • Age-Related Deterioration: Gradual wear and tear over time under normal usage conditions, which is a natural process for any mechanical component.
    • Cosmetic Damage: Surface scratches, minor dents, or aesthetic imperfections that do not affect the overall functionality of the air suspension system.

This warranty applies solely to the original purchaser and is not transferable. For optimal performance and longevity of your air suspension system, adhering to the recommended installation, usage, and maintenance guidelines is essential.

Should you have any queries regarding the installation, appropriate use, or maintenance of your air suspension system, our dedicated customer support team is always available to assist.

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