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3 Signs Your Vehicle Needs Air Suspension Repair

3 Signs Your Vehicle Needs Air Suspension Repair

air suspension

So you want to learn about air suspension, right?

Lucky you! you’ll learn the essentials about this type of vehicle suspension right on this page.

Just before we delve into the nitty-gritty of the subject matter. I need you to understand that; “Air suspension is not the same as air bags or air bellows. The correct synonym is air spring


So, the next time you are at your mechanic’s for air suspension repair or replacement, make sure you tell him the right thing.


Now, let’s get things underway;


But note: Air suspension is the same as air spring, air bag suspension, air ride suspension. So, don’t fret if you see them in this article. It all means the same thing.

What Is The Purpose Of Air Suspension?

Air suspension systems were first conceived during World War II by the military forces of the US.  Then, it was developed basically to ensure self-leveling suspension in aircraft and heavy-duty trucks that were used in transporting loads.

Self-leveling suspension simply means that the weight of the load is evenly spread between the rear end and the front part of the vehicle.

But more about that later;

This invention of the 1900s has ultimately turned into a basic feature present in most vehicles today. Even better; air suspension has evolved beyond supplementing the carrying capacity of vehicles alone.  It now doubles as the feature that helps guarantee a comfortable driving experience. If you're considering an upgrade or replacement, you might want to check out Vigor Air Ride's extensive collection of passenger car air suspensions.


You’ll find air suspension systems in sports cars, buses, trucks, and so on. Examples are; air suspension in cars is this 94-97 Cadillac Seville rear air to shocks & springs w/ mounts conversion kit x2.


Check this video by Engineering Explained for a visual illustration of how air spring works: (Video)

So have we got that straight?

Let’s proceed.

Pros and Cons of Air Spring In Vehicles


  1. It helps to create a comfortable, smooth, and quality driving experience by serving as the cushion between the wheel and automobile body (both for the passengers and driver).
  2. Air spring helps to improve control when driving on rough terrain or bad roads.
  3. As I earlier stated, air ride suspension helps to bolster the carrying capacity of vehicles. With the aid of the ‘kneel’ or ‘raise’ functions, drivers can conveniently adjust the vehicle’s height to ensure self-leveling.
  4. Better fuel economy; kneeling the vehicle means the center of gravity is lowered. Hence, the vehicle would move at a faster pace than other cars.
  5. It is easier to make sharp turns with an air spring installed vehicle as the car glides in easily and firmly on the road.
  6. As I earlier stated, an air spring serves as a cushion between the wheel and the body of the vehicle.

Sounds familiar?


The ripple effect of this spells a prolonged useful life for your car tires.


  1. Air suspension ranks lower on the scale of performance if compared with coil spring.
  2. In terms of durability, Leaf coils are deemed to be more durable than air springs.
  3. If you consider the installation, and maintenance cost of airbag suspension, you’ll find it to be expensive.
  4. It requires specialized technical know-how. Hence it may be difficult to fix it yourself.
  5. It is equally costly to buy this kind of suspension system. The average price of an air suspension kit is pegged anywhere between $300 to $800. Coil spring is estimated at around $70 to $167 while leaf spring is estimated at anywhere around $70 to $149.


How To Know If Your Vehicle Needs Air Ride Suspension Repair

  1. Increased Noise And Vibration 

Your vehicle’s air ride suspension needs repair once you notice an increase in the volume of noise and vibration emanating from the friction of the wheel against the body of your car.

  1. The Vehicle Brakes Become Less Effective

Another symptom of a failing air spring is that the car won’t come to a halt immediately when you apply the brake. 

  1. Uncontrolled Swaying Of The Vehicle

You’ll experience this symptom often, most especially when the air compressor of the air ride suspension system is leaking.


Frequently Asked Questions On Airbag Suspension

Is Airbag Suspension Good For Daily Driving?

Answer: Yes! Yes! Yes!

While air ride suspension is completely good for driving in the summer. You need to exercise extra precautions during the winter.  

Foremost; place some type of antifreeze in your car so as to prevent water from entering your air tank. Otherwise, the moisture will damage both the inlet and outlet valves of the tank.

Is Air Spring Recommended For Sports Cars?

Answer: Yes, you can. But you must pay careful attention to your line so they are protected from breaking even when you’re off-roading.

Can I Install, Remove, And Replace Air Suspension By Myself?

Answer: If you can conveniently wire a radio, it is believed that you should be able to do this by yourself. However, if this is your first time or your kit does not have a comprehensive manual to guide you on the process I strongly recommend that you hire professionals to help you with the installation or replacement.

Can I Use The Same Type Of Air Suspension For My Car And Truck?

Answer: my experience in this field has shown me that light trucks and cars can share the same type of airbag suspension. Insofar, the aim is to support the carrying capacity in order to achieve a smoother riding experience.

What Happens When Airbag Suspension Fails?

Answer: The airbag suspension of your vehicle is most likely to fail when it’s worn out. Once, you notice that your vehicle is sagging lower than its normal level. Then you should consider driving it to your mechanic for diagnosis.

Can I Use Air Ride Suspension Under Any Condition?

Answer: Yes, you can! But you have to be careful particularly when it’s winter.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy Air Suspension For My Car?

Answer:  Anywhere between $300 and $900.


3 Important Tips On Buying Air Bag Suspension Kit For Your Vehicle

Here are quick recommendations you should consider anytime you are set to get an air bag suspension kit for your vehicle.

Things to consider are;

How Many Years Of Warranty Is Being Offered By The Manufacturer?

Considering the costly nature of air bag suspension kits. I believe it’s in your best interest to get a kit that offers a lifetime warranty. And yes! There are products with such a warranty on the market.

Work with a budget;

It’s not important that you buy the most expensive suspension kit available. Remember the adage “cut your cloth according to your size”? It applies here too. So don’t put yourself in unnecessary financial troubles all because you need air suspension kit for your vehicle

Choose The Air Spring That Suits Your Needs

There are different air suspension kits on the market and each is designed for a different purpose. For instance; if your aim is to enjoy a comfortable ride you have no business purchasing the air ride suspension kit that’s designed for towing vehicles. 

Do you understand?


In Conclusion

Let’s recap;


So far, I have walked you through the following:

  1. The Purpose Of Air Suspension
  2. How To Know If Your Vehicle Needs Air Ride Suspension Repair
  3. Frequently Asked Questions On Airbag Suspension 
  4. 3 Important Tips On Buying Air Bag Suspension Kit For Your Vehicle

And this brings us to the end of our discussion.

But wait – there’s more; I’d love to know your thoughts and personal experiences with air springs. Share them by making use of the comment section right below.

Enjoy the rest of your day and don’t forget to keep the mask on!


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Aaron Liermann - February 24, 2023

Thank you for sharing this informative article on the signs that a vehicle may need air suspension repair. As a car owner, it’s important to be aware of the warning signs that your suspension system may need attention.

Elaina D'Agostino - January 26, 2023

It was informative when you mentioned how we need to take the car for repairs if the brakes are taking time to respond. I nearly backed into the garage door last night because the brakes didn’t respond in time. I’ll take the car to the shop and see if anything needs any replacement or repairs.

Taylor Abrams - December 22, 2022

I was concerned that something could be wrong with my car last night when I was driving home since I observed that it seemed to be vibrating more and more. We appreciate you informing us that if there is an increase in vibration originating from the wheels against the car’s body, our vehicle is due for an air ride suspension repair. If I simply leave it alone, I’ll be sure to take my car to an auto shop soon for suspension work and have it fixed before I have an accident.

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