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How to inflate air suspension on Lincoln Town car

How to inflate air suspension on Lincoln Town car


The Lincoln Town car is a full-size luxury vehicle produced and marketed by the American producer of autos, the Ford Motor Company. The Lincoln Town Car has been marketed from 1981 to 2011. It has also been produced in three generations for 30 years. The Lincoln Town Car has mass-marketed luxury vehicles from Cadillac and Chrysler. The vehicle was marketed as a four-door sedan. From 1983 to 2011, the Lincoln Town Cars have been used for fleet and livery.

The first generation of the Lincoln Town Car was made from 1981 to 1989, the second generation of this vehicle was redesigned completely and launched for the 1995 model year. Unveiled at the 1997 New York International Auto Show, The third generation of the Lincoln Town car(sedan) went through a total revamp of the exterior and interior designs. The Lincoln Town Car was given a holistic revision. Breaking from the straight-lined designs used by Lincoln sedans for 35 years,  the 1998 Lincoln Town Car adopted the round exterior of the Lincoln Mark VIII and the 1995 Lincoln Continental. The third-generation Lincoln Town Car was introduced with the Lincoln Navigator. The Lincoln Navigator was the first SUV to be sold by the Lincoln division of the Ford Motor Company. In 2003, the Panther platform of the Lincoln Town Car was given a new rack and steering wheel; in addition to this, a slight redesign lasted till 2011. The Lincoln Town Car was the most used limousine in the United States of America and Canada. At times, the vehicles are used as taxis. The Lincoln Town Car was discontinued in 2011.

 The Lincoln Town Car has a huge history and followership by consumers. It was a surprise to many when the Ford Motor Company shut its production of the Lincoln Town Car in 2011. Many wanted to get the 2012 model. Those in the limousine and luxury car business and many other people didn't expect that the Lincoln Town Car, beloved by many, could stand the economic storm and recession that floored three big automakers. When the Ford Motor Company announced its decision to cease its production of the Lincoln Town Car, it provided another car to replace it. The vehicle was for the livery market. The Ford Motor Company replaced the limousine version of the classic Lincoln Town Car with a variant of its popular MKT vehicle.

There are several models of the Lincoln Town Car tailored to suit your tastes. The Lincoln Town Car, with double doors, produced in the 1980s, is for drivers who love classic cars, while the four-door sedan offers a modern outlook on the car's trademark of excellence. It has several amazing features. If you're looking to enhance your vehicle's ride quality, you might want to explore Vigor Air Ride's collection of air suspensions.

Lincoln Town Car, 1997 and 1990

The Lincoln Town Car of 1997 offers a pleasurable ride on the road. Its slow-rate front coil springs and nitrogen gas-pressurized hydraulic shocks front and rear allow the suspension system to slide over bumps and ridges in the road. Its rear suspension is a system of four bar links that employ self-leveling air springs on the rear axle. Its suspension absorbs vibration rather than transferring it to the passenger compartment.

The 1997 Lincoln Town Car has an engine that produces 190 horsepower, while the 4.6 in the Cartier model puts out 210 horsepower through a dual exhaust system. There are three designations for the Lincoln Town Car – the Executive, Signature, and top-of-the-line Cartier. The trim levels differentiate them, however, the Lincoln Town Car's single overhead cam 4.6-liter V-8 has two different power applications for individual models.

The Lincoln Town Car of 1990 has a more modern outlook than its predecessor. The 1990 Lincoln Town Car has the same powertrain as its predecessor: the 150 hp (112 kW; 152 PS) 302 cu in (4.9 L) small-block V8 engine with 4-speed AOD overdrive automatic. 

Lincoln Town Car Suspension Airbags

The Lincoln Town Car suspension airbags are meant to give your Lincoln a very pleasurable ride on the road. The system of suspension airbags is built to suit your Lincoln and is thoroughly tested to ensure optimal operation of all components of the system. This is from the controls, and air management, to the chassis of the vehicle. You need not limit your vehicle ride quality. It's something of the past but with the airbags in your Lincoln's suspension system, you enjoy a long and satisfactory airbag suspension performance.

The suspension airbags are designed to give you level driving on the road. However, while the Town Car has one of the best air suspension designs, the airbags are made of plastic and rubber. The exposure of rubber to environments with severe heat, and high freezing temperatures will inevitably cause a dry-rot or punctures either somewhere in the airlines or in the air springs. When these punctures occur, air seeps through the holes which run the air compressor. The problem is that the air compressor begins to deplete in strength. And as the air compressor works, it dies. This also includes the battery and alternator. However, you can opt for a conversion kit that converts your air suspension to coil springs made of steel or you buy another set of suspension airbags.

How to inflate air suspension on Lincoln Town Car

If you own a Lincoln Town Car and you desire to inflate its air suspension, this article is written for you. The air suspension in the Lincoln works correctly _ with the ignition switch on _ when the height sensor tells the suspension module if it's the trim height or not. If it gives the trim height signal, there's no further action to be taken.

If the suspension is below trim height then the suspension starts the air compressor and opens the air spring solenoids. If the compressor can't supply air at high pressure, the springs won't be filled and will lower the suspension.

To inflate the air suspension:

  1. Connect the air tank that fits into the hhigh-pressurehose and turn Lincoln's ignition on.
  2. The suspension module recognizes the low trim height. It starts the compressor and opens the air spring solenoids so you'll hear it as a click. Apply the air pressure from the vehicle's tank to the high-pressure hose. And you'll see the rear suspension gradually rise.
  3. As the air suspension receives the trim height signal from the height sensor,  it'll close the air spring solenoids with a click and then turn off the car’s compressor, so turn off the suspension switch in the trunk, and the car’s ignition switch.
  4. You can then release the fitting from the high-pressure hose and turn off the air tank.
  5. Install the high-pressure line into the drier by pressing down the orange fitting and inserting the hose, releasing the orange fitting; and checking the hose by gently pulling it out.
  6. Replace the filter air intake box. And you're done till you get a new air compressor. 


Inflating the air suspension of the Lincoln Town Car is pretty simple. Ensure to follow the steps provided. 



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Antonio Outlaw - March 2, 2024

Replaced the air suspension compressor motor. Still isn’t leveling up.

Charles Stanley Ramsey - February 28, 2024

If my town car is being towed how do I deactivate the air ride system?

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