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RAM Air Suspension Problems, Fixes and Hacks Explained

RAM Air Suspension Problems, Fixes and Hacks Explained

The RAM 1500 is known for its robustness and capability. But like any vehicle, it's not immune to issues, particularly with its advanced air suspension system. Owners of 2013-2020 Ram 1500 trucks, pay attention. This article dives into common air suspension problems and how to fix them.

Common RAM Air Suspension Problems

Failure to Adjust Ride Height Automatically

Getting that perfect ride height can sometimes go wrong. The RAM 1500 should adjust itself, but when it doesn't, you're left with a ride that's too high or too low. This isn't just a comfort issue; it's a safety concern, too.

Noisy Air Compressor

A noisy air compressor is more than just an annoyance. It indicates extra work and potential failure. It's like someone's shouting 'trouble' under your hood.

Slow Ride Height Adjustment

Your RAM should respond quickly to height changes. If it's slacking and takes its sweet time, you know you've hit a snag. It's like the system's sleeping on the job.

System Malfunction in Cold Weather

30-40 degree weather seems to be a kryptonite for RAM's air suspension. Issues might pop up, making for a stiff and unpleasant morning drive.

Air Leakage

Leakages in air suspension are like money slowly dripping out of your wallet. They cause sagging and lead to bigger and more expensive headaches.

Compressor Malfunction From Moisture

Moisture is the enemy here. It can cause the compressor to say goodbye, leaving it unable to pump your suspension back into shape.

Unable to Self-Reset After Repair

Even after fixing an issue, sometimes the system just doesn't want to shake hands and make up. It's supposed to reset but may refuse, forcing you to play the role of tech wizard to coax it back to normality.

RAM 1500 trucks, especially from the years 2013-2020, may show one or more of these symptoms. But don't lose hope or cash just yet. With the right know-how, some of these can be tackled without a trip to the dealership. Let's explore the fixes that can bring back the joy of a smooth ride.

Diagnosing Common Issues With the 4-Corner Air Suspension System in the 2013-2019 RAM 1500

Troubleshooting a RAM's 4-Corner Air Suspension System requires patience and a bit of detective work. This system is sophisticated but not indestructible. If you've faced a bumpier ride or heard the cries of a worn compressor, it's time for some investigation. Knowing where the problems hide is the first step to smooth sailing—or driving, in this case.

How To Check Your RAM 1500 for Suspension Problems

Start your sleuthing by examining the suspension for obvious signs of trouble. Listen for odd noises, watch for uneven tire wear, and feel for changes in ride quality. Check for error messages on the dashboard—these are your clues. If the truck seems to sag or won't maintain height, there's a strong chance you've got a suspension issue.

Where Is the Ram 1500 Air Suspension Fuse Located?

The heart of the electrical side of your suspension is the fuse. For the RAM 1500, you'll find this critical piece in the fuse box. It's often under the hood, by the engine compartment—check your owner's manual for the exact map. A blown fuse can cause full system shutdown, so this is a good spot to check early on.

Reasons for Resetting the Air Suspension

Why hit the reset button on your RAM's air suspension? Imagine you've fixed a leak or replaced a weak compressor. The system, much like a stubborn computer, might need a reboot to apply those fixes. That reset helps recalibrate sensors and ensures your suspension performs as it's supposed to. It’s like giving your truck a fresh start.

Your Options for Fixing Your RAM 1500 Suspension Problems

When your RAM 1500 suspension starts acting up, it's like finding yourself at a crossroads: which path leads to the smoothest ride? From official dealerships to DIY hacks, each option has its pros and cons—and costs.

Fix RAM Air Suspension at the Dealership

Taking your truck to the dealership is like visiting a doctor. You get professional service, official parts, and usually, a warranty. It's often the safest bet, but it can hit your wallet hard, with premium prices for both parts and labor.

Fix RAM Air Suspension With Aftermarket Components

Going the aftermarket route can be a cheaper option, like opting for a generic brand at the supermarket. These parts can bring down the price of repair but be sure they're compatible with your RAM’s system. Sometimes, saving money upfront can cost more down the road if the parts don't last.

Resetting the Ram 1500 Air Suspension

The reset trick is like the classic 'turn it off and on again' for your suspension. It can clear error messages and recalibrate sensors if you've made a repair. Just follow your manual or seek help online for the step-by-step guide—this could save you a trip to the shop.

How Do I Disable the Air Suspension on My Ram 1500?

Disabling the air suspension is like removing a cast before the bone's healed—it might not be the best idea unless you're switching to a different system. If you're set on it, you might need to disconnect power to the system or remove the fuse. Again, doing so might affect other parts of your truck, so tread carefully.

RAM Suspension Fix Hacks

You might come across quick fixes or 'hacks' on forums; they're like those DIY tips for getting scratches out of glasses. Some people turn to adding external air with a pump or sealing leaks temporarily with DIY methods. These can offer a quick fix, but they're often not long-term solutions.

A Better Way to Repair Your Suspension

If you're willing to invest the time, learning how to fix the issues yourself could be rewarding. Think of it as going to culinary school instead of always eating out. It's a chance to understand your truck better and possibly save money. You can find tons of tutorials, videos, and forum advice to guide you through the process. But remember, if the job’s too big or if there's a risk of causing more damage, professional help might still be your best bet.

Fix RAM 1500 Air Suspension with Vigor Air Suspension

If you're eyeballing a long-term fix for your RAM 1500's air suspension woes, Vigor Air Suspension systems might pop up on your radar. They're not your run-of-the-mill replacement kits.

What Vigor Offers

Vigor aims to be synonymous with durability and reliability in the aftermarket suspension world. They offer a selection of components that promise a blend of quality and affordability. Vigor's lineup could give your truck a new lease on life with parts designed to match or exceed the performance of factory air suspensions. With Vigor, you just might bring back that showroom ride quality without the brand-new price tag.

How to Fix RAM 1500 Air Suspension - Step by Step Guide

Rolling up your sleeves and diving into a DIY repair with Vigor parts? Here's a basic guide for the hands-on owner:

  1. Diagnosis: Before you swap parts, ensure you've nailed down the problem. Whether it's a leak, faulty compressor, or sensor issue, knowing the exact fault can save you time and money.
  2. Gather Your Tools: Ensure you have the necessary tools. Commonly, this includes wrenches, sockets, and possibly a vehicle lift or jack stands.
  3. Power Off: Safety first, always. Disconnect your truck's battery to avoid any electrical mishaps.
  4. Access the Faulty Component: Whether it's the compressor, air springs, or sensors, get clear access by removing any obstructive parts.
  5. Swap the Parts: Remove the broken component and install the Vigor replacement. Be meticulous with your work—air suspension systems don't appreciate shortcuts.
  6. Check for Leaks: Once the new part is in, double-check all connections for possible leaks.
  7. Reconnect Power: Hook your battery back up and give the system a test. Watch for proper ride height and listen for any irregular sounds.
  8. Test Drive: Take your RAM for a spin. Keep an ear open for noises, and feel for ride quality. Monitor the system for a few days to ensure everything's settled in right.

Following this guide, with some vehicle knowledge and elbow grease, you could steer clear of service department prices and get the satisfaction of fixing your ride yourself. But remember, if there's ever a step that feels out of your league, calling in a professional is the smart move.

Key Takeaways

Addressing RAM 1500 air suspension issues can be daunting, but with the right approach, it's manageable. First, failure to adjust, noise, and slow response are common problems, often worsened in cold weather. For diagnosis, investigate any warning signs, and check the fuse location for quick troubleshooting. If you decide on repairs, dealership expertise provides peace of mind, while aftermarket components like Vigor Air Suspension offer a cost-effective alternative. DIY resets and disabling the system are options, though reserved for the tech-savvy or daring. Before you embark on a self-fix adventure, weigh the benefits against potential mishaps. Vigor’s step-by-step guide can help simplify repairs for those up to the task. Lastly, approach any "fix hacks" you find online with caution. While appealing, they may only offer short-term fixes and could potentially lead to bigger issues. Remember, a smooth and safe ride trumps a quick fix, so consider all your options carefully before taking action.


Why Are You Having Suspension Issues With Your RAM?

Many owners wonder why their RAM 1500 trucks encounter suspension problems. These issues often stem from wear and tear, extreme temperatures, or defects in the system components, such as air leaks or sensor malfunctions. Regular maintenance and prompt attention to any signs of trouble can help mitigate these issues.

What Owners Say About This Problem?

Owners typically express frustration over the suspension issues due to the discomfort, safety concerns, and repair costs involved. Ride height problems and noisy compressors are among the top grievances. However, some find that aftermarket solutions, like Vigor Air Suspension parts, offer a more affordable fix.

Are There Lawsuits Regarding This Problem?

Yes, there have been class action lawsuits concerning RAM air suspension issues, especially for models made from 2013 to 2018. These lawsuits address complaints about the reliability and failure rate of the air suspension components, highlighting a concern for safety and the cost of repairs. While not every owner will experience these problems, those who do often seek legal channels for resolution.

SUMMARY: In this article, we examined the common problems with the RAM 1500's air suspension system, particularly in the 2013-2019 models. Issues such as automatic ride height adjustment failure, noisy compressors, and slow response are not uncommon, especially in colder climates. We discussed how to diagnose these problems, the location of key components like the air suspension fuse, and the reasons for resetting the suspension system. Repair options range from professional services at the dealership to aftermarket components from suppliers like Vigor Air Suspension. We provided a step-by-step guide for those interested in tackling the job themselves and highlighted the importance of weighing the risks and benefits of DIY repairs. Finally, we addressed common questions from RAM owners regarding the suspension problems, including owner experiences and legal actions taken related to these persistent issues.

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