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Where is the 2010 Ford Expedition air suspension switch located?

Where is the 2010 Ford Expedition air suspension switch located?

The 2010 Ford Expedition is a third-generation model of Ford's first full-size SUV. The Ford Expedition which was first introduced in the 1997 model year served as a replacement for the fifth-generation Ford Bronco (which was recently continued in 2021). As a replacement and a desirable SUV modeled after the F-150, the Ford Expedition set the pace in the automobile industry for large four-door SUVs. But with each generation of the Ford Expedition came a huge amount of innovation. So, this front-engine rear-wheel drive truck-based SUV went through some remodeling in the 2007 model year to bring more sleekness and advancement to the third-generation Ford Expedition. 

2010 Ford Expedition

Some notable features of the 2010 Ford Expedition include the six-speed automatic transmission, a programmable MyKey, and a third-row seat. This large SUV is also powered by a 5.4-liter V8 engine which seems suitable for such a large vehicle. However, while these features are awe-inspiring, most drivers of the 2010 Ford Expedition are thrilled by the spacious interior and the added technology in the third-row seat. This makes the third-row seat fold smoothly and flatly into the ground of the vehicle at the push of a button. 

The 2010 Ford Expedition and its four trims (base XLT, King Ranch, Limited, and Eddie Bauer) equally come with an auto-dim rear mirror, 310 horsepower, and a great air suspension system. According to, the 2010 Ford Expedition has great ride quality and highway stability. It also has an amazing steering feel and maneuverability even though it's a large vehicle. Since ride quality stems from a great air suspension system, most users believe that it makes up for the vehicle's poor fuel economy. 

2010 Ford Expedition Air Suspension

The 2010 Ford Expedition has an inbuilt air suspension system. The suspension of the Ford Expedition does not only help in the raising or lifting of the vehicle, this is the central part of the vehicle that facilitates smooth and quiet drives and vehicle handling. As an SUV with such a large size, it is expected that the handling may not be firm or the ride height of this truck-based SUV may not be of good quality. Still, with its weight, the vehicle's air suspension is firm and efficient. 

As a part of the suspension system, the 2010 Ford Expedition has two airbags at the rear axle which helps in raising or lowering it. The rear airbags are independent in operation and can lower or increase ride height. Also, with the towing capacity of this vehicle being 9200 pounds, the air suspension system has got to be firm to pull it off. 

Nevertheless, the suspension system of the 2019 Ford Expedition is controlled by the engine. Thus, it tends to deflate when the engine is turned off and sits the vehicle at a lower height. However, when the vehicle's engine is ignited, the reverse is the case. 

The Air Suspension Switch Location in the 2010 Ford Expedition

Unlike some other vehicles, the 2010 Ford Expedition does not have an air suspension switch. So, the trunk area is solely devoted to the carrying load as one of its truck-specific characteristics. In absence of the air suspension switch, this vehicle's suspension system makes use of a relay. It is this relay that holds up everything together and can switch off the suspension system when needed. 

The relay is located under the hood on the central fuse panel just near the battery. It is specifically at the corner of the panel towards the end of the fuse box. Consequently, in times of suspension issues, it is best to remove the relay for at least five minutes to get things rightly organized. This is why it is advisable that once you find the relay, you check it out to troubleshoot any possible air suspension problem in your 2010 Ford Expedition. 

Still, all third-generation vehicles of the Ford Expedition come with a fairly durable air suspension system. However, if it occurs that upon inspection, the relay is in good shape, look out for the air compressor (the center of the air suspension system). Also, replace faulty parts as soon as possible. 


The Ford Expedition, although lacking in interior design and fuel economy, is still a truck-based SUV that is worth your money in terms of its 6-8 seat capacity. Even with its competitors like the Chevrolet Tahoe and the Chevrolet Suburban, the 2010 Ford Expedition still beats the 2010 Chevrolet Tahoe when it comes to seating, towing capacity, cargo capacity, and even ride handling. This implies that the capacity of the air suspension system of the Ford Expedition is superior to the Chevrolet Tahoe, a major competitor. When the air suspension is in good condition, the ride becomes safer, quieter, more enjoyable, and more comfortable. 


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