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Air Fittings

Air fittings, also known as pneumatic fittings or compressed air fittings, are used as mechanical components to connect various pneumatic components like hoses, pipes, valves, and air tools to a compressed air system. These fittings are available in different sizes, types, and materials, depending on the type of air system and their specific application.

Quick-connect fittings are the most commonly used air fittings, which make it easier to connect and disconnect pneumatic components. They consist of a male and a female end, where the male end has a nipple that protrudes and the female end has a socket with spring-loaded ball bearings that lock onto the nipple when pushed together.

Push-to-connect fittings use a collet to grip the tubing and create a secure connection, while barb fittings use a hose clamp to secure the tubing to the fitting. The selection of material for air fittings depends on the needs of the air system and their application, which includes materials like brass, stainless steel, aluminum, and plastic.