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Lexus Air Suspension

Lexus, renowned for its luxury and performance, offers a range of models such as the LS sedan, RX crossover, and GX SUV, each equipped with air suspensions for a superior driving experience. Understanding the importance of maintaining the smooth ride and handling Lexus is known for, Vigor Air Ride provides high-quality air suspension replacement parts tailored for each Lexus model.

Whether you're looking to enhance the comfort of your LS sedan, ensure the stability of your RX crossover, or maintain the rugged capability of your GX SUV, Vigor Air Ride's comprehensive selection of air suspension components guarantees a perfect match for your specific Lexus model. This compatibility ensures that Lexus owners can enjoy the exceptional ride quality and performance they expect, with the assurance of durable, reliable replacement parts from Vigor Air Ride.

Select your Lexus model below to find the air suspension parts:

GX 470

2003 GX 470

2004 GX 470

2005 GX 470

2006 GX 470

2007 GX 470

2008 GX 470

2009 GX 470

GX 460

2010 GX 460

2011 GX 460

2012 GX 460

2013 GX 460

2014 GX 460

2015 GX 460

2016 GX 460

2017 GX 460

2018 GX 460

GX460 GX470

2010 GX460 GX470

2011 GX460 GX470

2012 GX460 GX470

2013 GX460 GX470

2014 GX460 GX470

2015 GX460 GX470

2016 GX460 GX470

2017 GX460 GX470

2018 GX460 GX470