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Features and Benefits of  Air Suspension and Compressor

Features and Benefits of Air Suspension and Compressor

There’s nothing wrong with being prepared for mishaps. Instead of being unbothered, we take action to stop it.

Air suspension is featured in a heavy vehicle such as buses, trucks and in some passenger cars. The goal of air suspensions is to give a smooth and consistent ride quality. When riding fully loaded, the air spring normally provides adjustable suspension and load support by adding air. With air suspension, you may lower the overall height of your car to increase vision. If you're considering an upgrade or replacement, you might want to experience comfort with Vigor Air Ride's air suspensions.


air suspensions- airbag

On the other hand, the compressor inflates air springs to a certain pressure, causing them to function like springs. Air suspension differs from hydropneumatic suspension in that it uses compressed air rather than liquid.


How does it work?


           Vigor Air Spring Bag Suspension Kits                                          

Air suspension kits allow the driver to modify the vehicle’s height to specification to improve performance or functionality. Each kit contains air suspension parts, such as air springs and an air compressor. Like airbags, air springs are made of durable textile rubber.

When towing, the air suspension assembly immediately stabilizes the load. Passenger and off-road vehicles that are equipped with air suspension systems easily control off-road and improve ride comfort. Prevents “rolling” when towing the vehicle at a dangerously low level. 

What does an Air Suspension Compressor do?

An electric pump, called an air compressor, draws air in from outside the car and compresses it, then uses an air spring to dry it with a drier before passing it through an air tank for storage until it is needed. The air compressor relay controls the automatic activation/deactivation of the air suspension compressor. 


Air compressors have an indefinite lifetime and most come with a one-year warranty. But if you review and calculate for yourself, the compressor will last 3-5 years depending on use and abuse. 


Installation of Airbag Compressor

Compressed air systems, when installed correctly, can extend the life of your equipment. The quality services of air compressor systems have become more important due to the link between the quality and efficiency of the equipment and profitability of a company. To provide superior products and services to your customers, your manufacturing facility must include the necessary equipment. In such situations, the installation and maintenance of a professional air compressor system can help.

Here is a quick and easy guide on how to install and use your new compressor safely.

  1. Reinstall the mounting bracket. 
  2. Reconnect the upper electrical plug.
  3. Install the air line to the dryer. 
  4. Install the compressor into the vehicle and secure it to the mounting bracket with the    three compressor bracket bolts and tighten to manufacturer's specifications. 
  5. Reinstall the pump filter using the pump filter bolts and tighten to manufacturer's specifications. 
  6. Reconnect the lower electrical plug.
  7. Reinstall the filter hose to the compressor and secure it with a hose clamp.
  8. Reinstall the air line to the vehicle and secure it with a hose clamp. 
  9. Reinstall the pump cover.
  10. Reinstall the rear flap. 
  11. Reinstall the fender well.
  12. Reinstall the wheel.
  13. Lower the vehicle
  14. Installation complete.

Professionally installing or maintaining your air compressor system will ensure its longevity. Appropriate equipment installation methods must be followed to obtain a durable machine. Following techniques can greatly extend the life of your equipment and save you money in the long run. Attempting to install or repair  it yourself can cause many problems with your air compressor system.

Air suspension bags should be replaced every 10 years or between 50,000 to 70,000 miles. Suspension airbags are always activated, whether driving or not. When the air suspension fails, the most likely symptoms are a stiffer ride, an uncomfortable ride, and squeezing around corners and bumps.

What to do when the air compressor is not working?

installing air shock

Great technicians will not only repair your car, but also help you avoid car problems in the future. For mechanics, it’s entirely possible to fix a small problem by ignoring a bigger problem later on. As a result, a skilled technician won’t overlook a problem or accidentally fix it.

Keeping your vehicle well maintained and up to date on repairs is important to avoid problems, keeping you safe on the road and keeping your car trouble-free. However, any equipment may fail from time to time. If the air compressor is not working properly, it depends on the cause. 

Most Common Air Compressor Problems

  • No electrical power
  • Low oil level
  • Pressure switch not making contact
  • Pressure in the tank is below the cut-in pressure

Troubleshooting Steps

  • Check power button and activate the reset switch
  • Check the oil tank and change the fluids if necessary
  • Ensure contact between the pressure switch and circuitry
  • Replace the pressure switch for one with reduced cut-in
  • If properly maintained, a high quality air compressor can provide many years of excellent performance in a wide range of applications. Get the most reliable supplier of compressors and air tools. 

    You can find various Air Suspension parts with high quality air supply products so you won’t have to worry about your vehicle again; most recommended and reliable supplier only in Vigor air suspensions

    Importance of Air Suspensions

    •  It allows car to drive with perfect height since it considers the load on the vehicle and the speed of the car
    • They are cheaper in a long time. Since they last longer than other suspension systems, the premium paid for its purchase would translate to a longer lifespan
    •  Air suspension can adapt to your vehicle’s poorest roads, and it improves the ride quality

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