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2008 Ford Expedition

How To Remove Air Struts On 2008 Ford Expedition

The air struts on all models of the Ford expedition are unique!


Unlike some older versions of the ford expedition which has air ride suspension on all the wheel house areas of the car, it has air struts only on its rear axle.

In this post, I will show you just how to remove air struts on 2008 ford expedition with simple hand tools.

Also, you will discover the following:

But don’t just take my word for it, continue reading to discover all about it.


2008 Ford Expedition air struts

For starters;

The Tools You Need To Get Started

These are the tools needed to get started on how to remove air suspension on a 2008 ford expedition. You can easily find them online or rent from Auto repair shops around you.

  1. Hydraulic jack, jack stands, and wheel chocks.
  2. Ratchets
  3. A pair of hand gloves and protective eye wears
  4. Wrench
  5. Sockets
  6. Screwdriver
  7. Hammer/Mallet
  8. Rust blaster or lubricant

Do you have the right tools handy?

Great! Let’s get started on the step-by-step procedure of removing the air suspension on your car.

How To Remove Air Struts On 2008 Ford Expedition With Simple Hand Tools

  1. First off, ensure the wheel of your car is straightened and ensure the car is parked with the ignition switched off!
  2. Proceed to lift the car; you can either use a vehicle lift or use a hydraulic jack. You only have to ensure that you lift the car at the recommended points (Check your manufacturer’s guide).
  3. You can apply a rust blaster or lubricant to the lug nuts before loosening them.
  4. Carefully take away the wheel and remove the tire.
  5. Now, remove the wheel speed sensor bracket bolt.
  6. Then loosen the brake hose bracket bolt.  These bolts hold the calipers onto your Ford Expedition.
  7. Oftentimes, you may discover that the tie rod and the nuts holding it place have grown rusty, add lubricants to the bolt and nuts here before loosening it.
  8. Remove the tie rod and nut and also remove the sway bar bracket nuts. The sway bar performs important functions for your car especially when it’s approaching or making turns.
  9. Do you have the above figured yet?

Proceed to take off remove the upper ball joint nut and knock off the roost from the spindle with the help of a mallet or hammer.

Now you can remove the lower suspension nut using the appropriately sized wrench.

  1. Shift your focus to the topmost part and remove the three strut mount nuts. Ensure you did not miss any step from the aforelisted. If you did not, by now you should be able to remove your car’s air strut without any hindrance whatsoever!

So, what’s more?

Let’s take a closer look at how you can ensure your air strut remains in good condition.

How To Maintain The Air Suspension Of Your 2008 Ford Expedition

These are simple measures that’ll help to keep your airbag suspension system in good condition. Need I tell you the importance of doing this? I don’t think so.

Here are the easy-to-implement measures:

  1. Regularly check your air strut for leaks. Do this by performing soapy water leak tests on the fittings, lines,  and hose attachments of the air suspension system on a regular basis.
  2. Perform a visual inspection of the airbag suspension system regularly.
  3. Perform routine service inspections to know the status of your air suspension system. This would require the service of professionals.
  4. Ensure all connections are running smoothly and are tightly fitted. Apart from checking the suspension system for leaks, check that all connections from the compressor to the air strut are tight to ensure smooth operation.
  5. Lastly, regularly clean dry the air suspension system with soap and water.

So have we got that straight?


Let’s check the relevant FAQs you’ll find helpful.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions On 2008 Ford Expedition Air Strut

Commonly asked questions

What are the symptoms of a bad sway bar?

The constant clunking sound from the rear of your car is an indicator that the sway bar could be faulty. So, check it. In some circumstances, it could also signify that your air suspension system has a problem.

What’s The Difference Between 2008 and 2004 ford expedition air suspension struts?

2004 Ford Expedition has air struts on all four sides of the car i.e. both on the front and rear axle but the 2008 Ford Expedition has an air suspension system only on its rear end.

How often do air struts have to be replaced?

In my opinion, there is no standard for determining this. Although many authorities in the automotive field claim once your vehicle reaches 100,000 miles, then it’s time to change the air suspension of your vehicle.

But I have seen vehicles go as far as 160,000 miles without having to change the air struts. Therefore, I think one should be guided by certain factors, which are:

  1. What do you use the vehicle for?
  2. Do you drive the car locally or do you commute long distances?
  3. The quality of the roads you ply?

On this basis, decide how often you want to replace the air struts of your car.

In Conclusion

I have shown you just the right information to get you started on how to remove air struts on 2008 Ford Expedition plus other useful nuggets.


Leave your suggestions, opinions, questions, experiences, thoughts, as comments. And don’t you forget...keep thy mask on!


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