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Yukon Air Strut

Can You Put Regular Struts On An Air Ride Yukon

Can You Put Regular Struts On An Air Ride Yukon

“Can you put regular struts on an air ride yukon”


This is a question we have received not once, twice or thrice from our subscribers. And today, you’ll be getting your answer.

Regular struts are not usually the go-to for owners of Yukon but it’s an alternative worth considering when you consider the cost of replacing air ride suspension systems on Yukon.

But more about that later;

Also  you will discover the following from reading this article

  • Do you need springs if you are converting into regular shocks?
  • How to convert yukon air suspension into regular shocks
  • Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions

Sounds cool? Let’s cut to the chase.

For starters;

What Are Regular Shocks?

Regular struts are the least expensive type of shocks.  They could be in the form of lowering springs or coilovers. The noticeable difference in the features of both shocks is that coilovers have their shock surrounded by springs.

This difference in features is why coilovers have a better performance than lowrering springs.

Also lowering springs can only lower the car, it cannot adjust the height of the vehicle like coilover. Regular shocks basically lowers the car, it does not include the feature that adjusts height unlike in coilover springs or air suspension systems.

The coilover springs are further categorized into three types; They are Coilover sleeves, Non-shock adjustable coilovers, and Shock adjustable coilovers. The shock adjustable ones are the best of the three.

coilover springs

Can You Put Regular Struts On An Air Ride Yukon?

All yukons are usually manufactured with an adjustable air suspension feature but owners may find it to be expensive when they are due for replacement.


And just as I said earlier regular struts are a cheaper alternative to air suspension system. So Yes, you can put regular struts on an air ride yukon.


But note;


It’s not all that easy to replace the air ride suspension with regular shocks. For instance, these are some of the thing you’ll be worried about;

  • Do I need springs if I'm converting to regular shocks?
  • Will I be able to by pass the error code displaying on the dashboard?


Well, continue reading to find answers to these frequently asked questions,


While many have claimed to experience no issues when they replaced the air suspension system with just shocks. In my opinion, it is safer to go with the ones with springs. Although, you’ll pay a premium for the springs but it’s safer that way.


You can check for conversion kits on strutsmaster for conversion kits suitable for GMC Yukon; check here: strutmasters.


With that cleared out of the way, let’s look at how you can put regular struts on an air ride yukon.

How To Convert Yukon Air Suspension Into Regular Shocks

Step 1; First off, ensure you wear protective googles for your eyes and wear hand gloves.

Step 2; Disconnect the battery. (Consult your manufacturer’s guide on how best to do this, this is to avoid short circuit).

Step 3; Disconnect the air compressor fuse. Do this by locating the fuse box in the engine compartment, open it and disconnect the fuse.

Step 4; Witht he aid of appropriate lifting device, either hydraulic jack or vehicle lift, raise the car up from your car manufacturer’s recommended points.

Step 5; Proceed to remove the wheel by loosening the lug nuts using appropriate tools whether wrench or impact driver.

Step 6; You can apply lubricant to the nuts if they are proving too difficult to remove.

Step 7; Once you have taken them down, carefully remove the wheel and the tyre

Step 8; Now you can focus on disconnecting the shocks sensor connectors which is located at the top of the air shock. Also, remove the air line by turning the retaining clip holding it in position anti-clockwise (About 90 degrees).

Step 9; Remove the shocks assembly. Loosen both the upper and lower assembly shock bolts and nuts to do this. Once these bolts are removed, you will be able to take put the air shock.

Step 10; Proceed to remove the Sway bar, height sensor and springs. Disconnect the brake line which is bolted to the rear axle differential. Loosen the bolts and nuts at the sway-bar endlink

Now you can go ahead and install the conversion kit.

Step 1; installing the coil spring kit. Check the coil orientation and appropriately install into the rear axle.

Step 2; in the correct order, reconnect all the disconnected parts and tighten all nuts and bolts.

Step 3; Finally, fix the wheel back into position.

Once you are done with this, you can proceed with the installation of the electronic bypass module (EBM). This technology helps you to reliably eliminate any fault codes that you may notice on your dash panel as a result of installing the conversion kit.

Sneaky tip: You will have to buy the complete conversion kit in order to access this cutting edge technology. Otherwise, you may be haunted with error codes on your dashboard.

In Conclusion


Can you put regular struts on an air ride yukon in conclusion

In this article, I have been able to do the following;

  1. Provide answers to “can you put regular struts on a air ride yukon?”
  2. How you can convert the air suspension system in your vehicle to springs.
  3. I also provided answers to some of the frequently asked questions about this conversation.

Do you have any questions, suggestions, or experiences converting the air ride suspension on your yukon into regular shocks? If you do, leave them as comments and be sure that I will attend to them as soon as possible.


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Ed Fancher - June 22, 2022

My yukon was vandalized and the button bolt was removed and the air line removed plus the wires from the thee top of the shock. Insurance said vandalized so the dealer (teck) so just ol age I think it don’t matter its still vandalizing I have photos

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