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air suspension compressor loud

Are All Air Suspension Compressors Loud? What Is The Reason For This

Why air suspension compressor become loud?

There are common issues that drivers tend to experience which may significantly cause them worries. One such issue is the loudness of the air suspension compressor.

If you find yourself constantly asking “are all air suspension compressors loud?”. I am glad to inform you that you’re not alone. There are many others like you who don’t know the heck what this means.

But not anymore;

In this article, you will discover just the answer you’ve been looking for. Additionally, you’ll also learn about the following:

  • Answers to frequently asked questions relating to loud air suspension compressor.
  • Factors responsible for loud noises of the air spring compressor

Does this look like something worth your time?

If so, let’s get things underway.

Are All Air Suspension Compressors Loud?

Most air suspension compression are self-regulated. There is a relay system that automatically turns it on when the engine starts and shuts down once the engine shuts down. So, it is expected that the air compressor will make some kind of noise in the first 2-3 minutes of starting the car, and in some cases it the noise can extend throughout the length of the journey.

This simply means the air suspension compression is collecting air to pressurize and feed the air suspension. Therefore, it is deemed normal for the air suspension to make noise.

However, since there are no standard for how loud the sound coming from the airbags compressor should be. It is up to you (the driver) to know the normal level of noise so if it gets any louder, you’ll be alarmed.

Now back to the question.

“Are all air suspension compressor loud?”

In my opinion, the answer is yes! Although some are louder than others. Also, the loudness is affected by a number of factors which would be revealed in the next section. If you're considering an upgrade or replacement, you might want to shop the best air suspensions from Vigor Air Ride.

Factors Responsible For Loud Noises Of The Air Spring Compressor

From my observation, I noticed the following play a huge role in determining how loud the air suspension compressor will make noise. They are:

  • The location of the air suspension compressor
  • Does the compressor component have a barrier?
  • The manufacturer of the component part.

Location: If the air suspension compressor is sited somewhere inside the car e.g the passenger compartment, the noise will be louder compared to fixing it under the axle frame or right under the fender frame or in the car trunk.

Barrier: This simply means soundproofing. If the air suspension compressor is insulated with a sound dampening box, specifically wooden materials like MDF wooden material, the noise will quieten a bit. However mounting such insulating material on metal will cause uncomfortable noises, so you’re better of building a wooden mount and also insulating the screws with rubber. This will significantly quieten the noise made by the air suspension component.

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions Relating To Loud Air Suspension Compressor

Why does the air suspension system make an unusually loud noise?

If the air suspension system makes an irregular loud noise, it could mean the system is worn out, a component is broken. So it is better you take your car to a professional for a checkup. Even better, you could lift the car yourself and find where the fault is.

The air suspension compressor and the air suspension system are fine yet the compressor is making noise?

The answer could potentially lie in a cracked air suspension compressor cover. Whenever loud noises persist and every other component of the air suspension system seems fine, then the compressor cover could be cracked. In that case, you should replace the cover. It costs less than $50.

Can a cracked compressor cover cause damage to the air suspension system?

If a cracked compressor is left unattended for too long, it can lead to the air suspension system complete breakdown.

What is the useful life of an air suspension compressor?

No standard time is set as the useful life of the air suspension system’s compressor. It could last a lifetime and at the same time, it could break down suddenly without giving you any warning. Just ensure you cultivate good maintenance culture for your suspension system to increase its chances of lasting for a while.

Should I change the cracked compressor cover only?

Anytime you observe a cracked compressor cover. Professionals in the air suspension space deem it safer and better to replace both the mount and the cover together.

In Conclusion:

In conclusion why air suspension compressor become so loud

This article has guided you and offered answers to the following;

  • Are all air suspension compressors loud?
  • Frequently Asked Questions relating to loud air suspension compressor.
  • What are the factors responsible for the loud noises of the air spring compressor?

Again, as a driver, you must ensure you pay close attention to the level of noise coming from the air suspension compressor. If the sound gets louder, irregular, and irritating you will be alarmed of a likely compressor problem promptly.

Do you have any other questions, comments, opinions, or experiences as it pertains to loud air suspension compressors? Kindly leave comments. You can also drop insights on how you think we can make this information more valuable to other readers.

Till we meet again, keep your mask on, and ensure social distancing.


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