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Air Struts & Shocks

Air Struts: What They Are, How They Work and Why You May Need to Replace Them

Air struts are an important part of your vehicle. They take the weight off your car's springs and dampers, which can help keep it more comfortable to drive.

Air struts also give you a smoother ride, which is especially good for drivers who have a long commute or just want a less bumpy ride for other reasons. However, air struts aren't perfect and they do need to be replaced from time to time.

Here we will discuss what air struts are and why they may need replacing in order to make sure you know if this is something that needs attention on your vehicle!

Why do we need to replace the air shock (air strut)?

The reason for replacing the air shock (air strut) is that eventually, it will wear out. This can happen because of a few different factors:

- The air shock (air strut) is made of rubber and over time the rubber will wear down. Rubber degrades in both heat and cold, so even if it works well for a while, there's no way to know how long it'll last.

- If you drive your car off road or through rough conditions like potholes and speed bumps, it will wear quicker than if you drive on smooth roads.

- The air shock (air strut) is pressurized with gas which means that over time the pressure inside of it can change or leak out! If this happens, then your car may feel odd because there isn't enough weight being taken off by the air shock (air strut).

How do I know if my air shock needs to be replaced?

If your car starts feeling bumpy or strange, then you should take it in to your local mechanic for an inspection.

You can also check by looking at the part itself; If there are any cracks or tears around the seams of the strut, this could mean that it's leaking and needs to be replaced.

Also, If the rubber is worn down around the seams, this could mean that it's wearing down or degrading and should be replaced.

How much does it cost to replace the air shock?

The cost of replacement will depend on a few things, such as how old your car is, what brand you have installed in your vehicle, whether OEM or Aftermarket and whether you're replacing them on your own or taking it to a mechanic.

Replacing the air shock (air strut) at home will be cheaper than taking your car into a shop, but if you don't have any experience replacing them or working on cars then there is always that risk as well!

Air struts are an important part of your vehicle. Replacing them at the first signs of wear is recommended because they may cause further damage if ignored. Replacing them is a bit of an investment but it can help make sure you have a smoother ride and your vehicle feels the way that it should.

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