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How To Fix Air Suspensions And Compressors

How To Fix Air Suspensions And Compressors


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You must conduct regular maintenance checks on your vehicle to avoid unexpected breakdowns and expensive repairs. Unfortunately, one of the significant reasons a vehicle develops faults and eventually packs up is a bad maintenance routine. 

Know that the air suspension and compressor are responsible for vital functions in the car ranging from the braking, balance, and the safety of people in the vehicle.

And if the air suspensions and compressors become faulty, knowing how to fix them yourself can make all the difference for you. So, let's get right into it.

Here are the key things discussed in this post:

  • How do I pump up my air suspension?
  • What happens when air suspension fails?
  • How to fix an air suspension compressor?
  •  How to test an air suspension compressor?
  •  Where can I buy an air suspension compressor?

How Do I Pump Up My Air Suspension?

There are only a few ways to pump up your air suspension. But it's nothing too technical, so you don't have to fear doing it wrong. Instead, follow the procedures discussed here to the latter, and you'll be fine.  

Failing to pump up the air suspension correctly can endanger yourself or whoever uses your car. So pay attention.

  • You can use an air pump to fill your system.
  • You can also use a biker pump to pump air into your suspension.

Note: compressors can be used, but that can only be done when you find a valve that can fit your car perfectly.

How do these work?

To pump up your air suspension, you should ensure that you do not overfill it. Overfilling can cause it to start bouncing, and underfilling can cause it to be very unstable. To avoid overfilling or underfilling, finding the normal air pressure that can be pumped from the car manual is advised. If you're considering an upgrade or replacement, you might want to choose Vigor Air Ride for reliable passenger car air suspensions.

What Happens When Air Suspension Fails?

Air suspension failure is expected when the wear has been overlooked for a long time. You will likely find out that you are dealing with a bad air suspension when the ride begins to feel bumpy instead of the smooth one you're used to. You may also observe that handling the vehicle when taking a sharp bend or corner seems sloppy.

Along these lines, if you also notice that your ride falls below the usual height, start hearing rough sounds while driving or that certain functions in your vehicle stop working, then there is a failure in your air suspension.

Therefore, anytime you observe these symptoms, quickly head to the mechanic to have your air suspension repaired or replaced. Unfortunately, many times people always have themselves to blame if they fail to take this action to remedy the situation.

How To Fix An Air Suspension Compressor

The air suspension could be said to be the heart of the car as it is in charge of the pressurization and depressurization process of the vehicle. 

The materials that you need are your essential hand tools and your scan tool.

Now, let's jump into the DIY guide for fixing an air suspension compressor like a pro.

1. Turn on the ignition of your car.

When you want to fix an air suspension, you should leave your car on to start the process.

2. Allow the air to flow out.

This is where you make use of your scan tool. But, first, you need to open the valve and let all the air in it go out. This way, the air pressure is ultimately released from the lines.

The next thing to do is switch off your vehicle's engine.

3. Detach the airline from the compressor dryer

The detached lock is below the ring. You are to hold it down and pull slightly. The airline is connected to the dryer by a firm fitting.

4. Disconnect the electrical components of the compressor

The electrical components are like two halves joined together to become one. Therefore, you have to detach these components carefully. It would be best if you did not struggle with it, as you only have to press the detach button to disconnect the components. 

But you might need to press harder if it does not easily break apart but be very cautious when doing it.

Having done all of these things successfully, you move to the replacement stage of it. Follow the procedures as stated above and then replace the air suspension compressor. Do well to attach everything you might have disconnected, so you do not get it all messed up.

How To Test An Air Suspension Compressor

Confirm that the compressor is inoperative

Testing for air suspension compressors depends on the type of car, the design model, and some other things relating to the vehicle specifications. You can confirm this by putting some weight on the rear.

Check for power

If you have confirmed that the air suspension compressor is inoperational, you must verify if it has power. Switch on the car and check out for any funny sound. If you can find this, you know something has to be fixed.

Where Can I Buy An Air Suspension Compressor?

You can buy air suspension compressors at automobile stores or place an order online. Be sure to verify what you buy, so you don't get the wrong product.

In Conclusion

Now that you have seen all of these things, I believe you would be able to fix your air suspension compressor by yourself. Also, it is best not to neglect it when you discover a problem with it. 

It does not cost more than 150-200 dollars to fix it upon discovering the problem. However, if you allow it to go overboard, you might spend more than the usual amount to fix it.

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