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GMC Air Suspensions and Struts

For many GMC truck owners living in the heartland of the USA, the air suspension system is key to a smooth and comfortable ride. Whether you're cruising on the highway or tackling rough terrain, your GMC's air suspension helps maintain stability and comfort. But what happens when this system needs a fix? Let's get into the costs of replacing air suspension components, such as struts and shocks, specifically for GMC trucks and similar vehicles.

GMC Models with Air Suspension:

  1. GMC Yukon and Yukon XL

    • Denali Trim: The Denali versions of the Yukon and Yukon XL, particularly in recent years, often feature an air suspension system. This is more common in models from around the mid-2010s to present.
  2. GMC Sierra

    • Higher Trims: Air suspension is available on higher trims of the Sierra, like the Denali and AT4. This feature has been more prevalent in models from recent years, particularly those post-2018.

Why Do We Need to Replace the Air Shock (Air Strut)?

Air shocks, also known as air struts, play a crucial role in the air suspension system of a GMC truck by providing the support needed for a smooth and stable ride. Over time, these parts can wear out or get damaged, leading to a need for replacement. Proactively replacing air shocks can prevent further damage to your vehicle's suspension system and ensure a comfortable ride.

Signs Your Air Shock Needs Replacement

  1. Sagging or Uneven Stance: If one corner of your truck sits lower than the others, it's a hint that an air shock might be failing.
  2. Rough Ride: Feeling every bump on the road more than usual? Worn air shocks could be to blame.
  3. Air Compressor Always Running: If the compressor that inflates the air shocks is constantly working, it might suggest a leak in the system.
  4. Warning Lights: Modern trucks, like the GMC Yukon Denali or the 2015-2020 Cadillac Escalade, will display a service suspension message or dashboard warning light if there's an issue with the air suspension.
  5. Leaks: Visible signs of air pressure loss around the struts or hearing hissing sounds are obvious indicators that replacement is needed.

Benefits of Replacing Your Air Shock

  • Improved Ride Comfort: New air shocks restore and even enhance the smoothness of your ride, reducing the impact of potholes and bumps.
  • Better Stability and Handling: Updated air struts help maintain vehicle stability and improve handling, especially when turning or in windy conditions.
  • Prevents Additional Wear: By replacing old shocks, you also protect other suspension components from premature wear and tear, potentially saving you money down the line.
  • Customizable Ride Experience: Some replacement air shocks offer customizable settings for different driving conditions, allowing you to adapt your ride to your preferences.
  • Safety: Well-functioning air suspension systems are vital for overall vehicle safety, ensuring proper tire contact and alignment on the road.

For safety, comfort, and the longevity of your GMC truck's air suspension system, keeping an eye out for these signs and understanding the benefits of timely replacement is key.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Air Suspension?

Replacing air suspension in your GMC truck can vary widely in cost. The price is influenced by several factors, which we'll explore next.

General Cost Factors to Consider

  1. Type of Vehicle: The cost can differ significantly based on the model and year, like the 2000-2014 GMC Yukon XL versus the 2015-2020 Cadillac Escalade. Air rides for a 2011-2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee might not cost the same as for a GMC.

  2. Parts: The price for air suspension parts like Rear Air Suspension, Air Struts, or Complete Coil kits can change depending on whether you opt for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or aftermarket products. For example, a 2007-2013 Chevy Avalanche might use a different air shock than a 2013-2018 Benz ML-Class.

  3. Labor: The time it takes a mechanic to replace your GMC's air suspension also affects the cost. If they need to replace the entire Air Ride Adaptive Suspension or just swap the Rear Pair Strut Spring Assembly, it could take more or less time.

  4. Location: Your location in the middle of the USA might influence the cost due to the availability of parts or local labor rates. A GMC owner in Detroit may pay differently than one in rural Nebraska.

  5. Additional Repairs: Sometimes, other parts like the control arms, ball joints, or rear brake hose bracket may need work when you're replacing the air suspension. This could add extra costs.

  6. Complexity of the Suspension System: Newer models with features like "auto-ride" compressors or electronic damping control could be pricier to replace due to their complexity compared to a conventional coil spring system.

  7. Quality & Warranty: Higher-quality parts often cost more upfront but may offer more longevity and come with a better warranty. Always ask the party Marketplace seller or local shops about the warranty on parts like the GMC Yukon Denali's autoride shocks or the Monroe Shocks & Struts for a 1996-2007 Dodge Grand Caravan.

Every GMC truck is different. Vigor Air Suspensions offer air springs, new air struts/ shock and air bag suspension compressor compatible with GMC Envoy, Envoy XL, Envoy XUV, Sierra and Yukon 1500/XL 1500 (w/Autoride, including Denali) vehicles.

The Long-Term Benefits of Investing in Quality Suspension Parts

Putting money into high-quality suspension parts means fewer repairs and a better driving experience. Quality parts can take more wear and tear, meaning you'll face fewer breakdowns over time. Plus, they often provide a more precise fit, better performance, and longer warranties. All of this adds value to your truck and saves you cash on future repairs. Remember, investing in quality today can lead to savings tomorrow.

How to Raise and Lower Your Vehicle With Air Ride Adaptive Suspension (If Equipped)

If your GMC truck is equipped with Air Ride Adaptive Suspension, you've got a system that lets you change your vehicle's height for different situations. This feature offers both practicality and a touch of luxury to your driving experience. Using it properly can help you in various scenarios, whether you need extra ground clearance or easier access to the vehicle.

Automatic Entry and Exit Feature Exploration

Most trucks with Air Ride Adaptive Suspension have an automatic entry and exit feature. This lowers the vehicle to make getting in and out easier. Here's how it typically works:

  • Unlocking the Truck: Often, the truck will automatically lower when you unlock it, sensing your approach.
  • Push of a Button: In some models, you may need to press a button inside the truck to activate this feature.
  • Driver Settings: You can also customize this feature's operation through the driver settings menu, adapting it to your preferences.

This smart height adjustment is not just cool; it's practical, especially for kids or those with mobility challenges.


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