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Common Cadillac Escalade Air Suspension Problems

Common Cadillac Escalade Air Suspension Problems

The Cadillac Escalade, an SUV in the Cadillac family, surely stands for everything ‘luxury’. A review on US News confirms this to be true, seeing the car earn an overall 8.5/10 rating by experts. But even with this, the vehicle is not exempted from air suspension problems. Now, note that the problem is not from the Cadillac Escalade but the air suspension itself. 

So, if you are a new Cadillac Escalade owner or are planning to be one, this article is for you. We will evaluate the common Cadillac Escalade air suspension problems you will most likely notice while using the vehicle. If you're considering an upgrade or replacement, you might want to find your perfect air suspension at Vigor Air Ride.

Other things discussed in this article are:

  • What causes air suspension problems?
  • Where is the air pump for suspension in a Cadillac Deville? 
  • How to tell if Cadillac air suspension is working
  • How to test the air suspension pump on Cadillac Deville

Now that we have gotten that out of the way let’s jump right into the meat of the matter.

Revealing Common Cadillac Escalade Air Suspension Problems. 

Vibration and bumpy rides 

Most Cadillac Escalade owners have complained of noisy and bumpy rides. The shocks are the main reason for the bumpy or bouncy rides. So, if you experience a rough and bumpy drive with the Cadillac Escalade, know that the shocks are already worn out. This means that you need to replace them.  

Service ride control warning message

The Cadillac Escalade mostly has service ride control problems like the ESC lights continuously flashing on the instrument panel even when they shouldn't. 

Unstable handling 

The air suspension’s coil spring bellows are the part of the suspension system that boosts stability. Most Cadillac Escalades have coil spring damage issues that lead to sloppy and unstable handling through corners.

Poor ride height 

While the compressor is the central part of the air suspension system, it also works with the air springs to provide great ride height for your vehicle. But this air suspension problem happens to be common with the Cadillac Escalade. Ideally, the suspension compressor ought to last for about three years minimum (on average circumstances), but this may not be the case with the Cadillac Escalade. 

Unusual tire wear

Most Cadillac Escalades get unusual tire wear with the faulty air suspension system. This is something to watch out for. 

The inability of the compressor to turn on.

There are chances that after you start the engine, the compressor on your Cadillac Escalade will still not turn on. This is common with Escalades, and its cause can be traced to a lot of factors. So, ensure you test, diagnose, and get it fixed. 

Fluid leakage 

Most Cadillac Escalades suffer from fluid leakage as an air suspension problem. So, if you have a Cadillac Escalade, you can perform a leakage test on your air suspension system. 

What Causes Cadillac Air Suspension Problems?

If your air suspension is acting up, then there is a great probability that you would want to know what’s wrong. Now, you must know that different factors cause air suspension problems. But one of the major causes of suspension problems is age. 

As the air suspension on your vehicle gets older, its components are prone to getting faulty. Still, as earlier stated, many factors account for this. 

So, here are some dominating factors that could cause air suspension failures in your car. 

Moisture damage 

If the inside of the air suspension system is moist or suffers moisture damage, there is a great chance that the airbags may begin to act up. Also, once the airbags or the struts get faulty, the air suspension develops problems. 

Air leaks 

The entire system may malfunction if there is any leaky part in your air suspension. The compressor is the most integral part of the system, and when air leakage occurs, the system goes down, too. 

Bad or Blown Fuse

The electrical system of the air suspension system is held securely by the fuse. If the fuse gets bad or blows up, there will be an air suspension problem as a result. 

Faulty O-rings 

The O-rings create tautness for the air spring. If the O-rings serving as a seal between the air spring get faulty or loose, it could lead to air leakage and, eventually, a faulty air suspension. 

Failing suspension compressor 

cadilliac escalade air pump

When the suspension compressor of your Cadillac vehicle is not turning on or is completely failing, it could indicate an air suspension problem. 

Generally, faulty air suspension components trigger suspension problems. So, if the parts can be regularly tested and maintained, the occurrence of suspension failure would reduce. If you observe that the air pump of your suspension needs a replacement, a great buy will be this air pump on Vigor.

Where Is The Air Pump For Suspension In A Cadillac Deville 

To find the air pump in a Cadillac Deville, you will have to raise the vehicle with a vehicle lift or a hydraulic floor jack. Then place the Cadillac Deville securely on jack stands. After that, you can find the Cadillac Deville air pump beneath the vehicle. It’s under the air filter on the passenger side. The precautionary measure to be taken here is to ensure that the vehicle is steadily placed on jack stands. 

How To Tell If Cadillac Air Suspension Is Working

The best way to know if your Cadillac air suspension is working is to know what would go wrong if it wasn’t working. But there is no need to go into that.  If you currently experience the following, your Cadillac air suspension works perfectly.   

  • Quiet, bounce-free, and vibration-free rides

The air suspension’s job is to provide a quiet and smooth ride without bumps and vibrations. Your Cadillac air suspension is in good shape if you have all of these. But if you are inquisitive and want to test this, you can try adding some weight to the rear. If it isn't bumpy and there are no vibrations, you can be 100% sure that your air ride suspension is working. 

  • Great ride height

How has the ride height of your vehicle been? If your vehicle can automatically adjust its ride height based on weight, you have a functional air suspension.

  • No leaks from the compressor

If there are no leaks from the shocks or any other part of the air suspension system like the compressor, your air suspension is working fine. 

  • High corner speed

The air suspension, when actively working, will increase your speed. Getting or noticing this can indicate an active suspension. 

  • Firm handling through corners and over bumps 

When your vehicle's air suspension is in good shape, you will notice soft, improved, and easy handling, especially through the corners and over bumps.

You can be sure of an operative air suspension when you notice all of the above. But you also have to note that when one part of your vehicle's air suspension system gets faulty, it can malfunction the whole air suspension system. 

How To Test The Air Suspension Pump On Cadillac Deville 

The air suspension pump on the Cadillac Deville is what supplies air to the entire air suspension system to inflate the airbags. The compressed air that inflates the airbag helps to carry the weight of the Cadillac Deville. So, since you know how important the air pump is to the air suspension system, here is how you can test it on your vehicle. 

Please, carefully follow the instructions below to test the air suspension pump of your Cadillac Deville. 

Check your vehicle’s fuses and circuit breakers.

If something is wrong with the fuses or blown, the air suspension pump will not work. 

Add weight and listen.

You can do this by adding some load to the rear or listening to it turn on. The air suspension compressor is faulty if it doesn’t turn on.

Check the air hose 

Checking the air hoses can help you determine if there are leaks from the pump. You can also do this by using soapy water to determine if there are leaks from the pump. 

Check the air ride suspension.

When the air ride suspension is not working properly, the air pump cannot work and may need to be replaced. 

Once the test has been carried out, you can diagnose a problem with the air suspension pump on your Cadillac Deville and know how to fix it. 


While the Cadillac Escalade has a lot of air suspension problems common to it, it is still important to stress that the problem is mostly not with the vehicle. 

Cadillac Escalades stands as one of the best SUVs in the market today. So, if you have one, value it for what it's worth and try to fix suspension issues as soon as you can. 

One more thing, act swiftly whenever you have an air suspension problem. Leaving it unattended could damage the entire suspension system. So, test, diagnose, and fix as soon as possible. 

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