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How to Perform BMW 7 Series Air Suspension Reset

How to Perform BMW 7 Series Air Suspension Reset

Air suspensions have increased drivers’ comfort and ride quality. This is why they are one of the most treasured components of a car. Most car owners and drivers would prefer to replace all coil springs with an air suspension system because of the ride handling and comfort. Fortunately for you, if you own the BMW 7 series, your vehicle comes with an inbuilt air suspension system. According to What Car, the air suspension in the BMW 7 series helps you waft gently over undulating surfaces. This means more smooth rides and less vibration and bumpiness—until you’d need to reset your BMW 7 series air suspension. 

This article addresses the following issues:

  • How to reset the BMW 7 series air suspension
  • How to fix the BMW air suspension warning light
  • How to adjust the suspension height in BMW
  • What causes BMW 7 series air suspension problems 
  • How to know if BMW air suspension is working 

How to Reset the BMW 7 Series Air Suspension

There are two ways to properly reset the air suspension of the BMW 7 Series and there is no technicality involved. So, you should be able to reset it on your own by following the instructions provided below. 

Here is how you can correctly reset the BMW 7 series air suspension. 

Method One

Turn Off the Engine

Ensure that the Ignition is On 

Turn Off the Air Suspension Switch

The air suspension switch of the BMW 7 series can be found on the dashboard. You will have to switch it off by pushing or pressing and holding it down for a couple of seconds. You will know if the air suspension is turned off when the green dash line stops showing. 

Check that the Air Suspension System is Off

Watch out for the green dash line on the dashboard. If the suspension is off, leave the vehicle that way for a few minutes before proceeding. 

Turn On the Suspension Switch 

To re-enable the suspension system, ensure you press or push and hold on to the switch for no less than seven seconds. Once the green dash line comes back again, the suspension is on or re-enabled. 

Turn On the Engine

Normally, the air suspension should reset the moment you turn on the engine. 

Go for a Drive

This drive is to monitor the vehicle to ascertain if the air suspension system of your BMW 7 series was indeed reset. 

Method Two 

If the first method does not work, you can try this to reset your suspension system. 

Locate the Vehicle’s Battery Negative Terminal

Remove the Negative Cable from the Terminal  

Once this is done, you can leave the cable disconnected from the terminal for about fifteen to thirty minutes. 

Reconnect the Negative Cable to the Terminal

It is noteworthy to understand that disconnecting your vehicle’s battery will not only reset the air suspension system but the entire vehicle. So, your time/date and other key settings will be affected. This is why we advise that this method should only be adopted as a last resort. 

How to Fix BMW Air Suspension Warning Light

Since the air suspension warning light comes on when there is abnormal activity going on in the system, it may not be far from an airbag or air compressor problem. If the air compressor which is the core of the air suspension system fails to pump air into the system, the light may come on. A faulty air compressor is not good for any air suspension, so it will need to be checked as soon as possible. Also, when the airbags are deflated or leaky, the warning light might come on. 

Now, here is how to fix the air suspension warning light on your BMW. 

Ensure that the Height Sensor is Checked Before you get into any DIY Repair

The truth about the air suspension warning light is that it is not always accurate. This is because your vehicle’s computer can sometimes be tricked into giving incorrect readings owing to the height sensor. So, check this before any significant repair is done. 

Inspect the Airbags 

When the air suspension warning light is on, you can remove the wheels and check your airbags for leaks or cracks. You can also inspect for chances of deflation. 

Scan the Error Code

When your BMW’s air suspension warning light comes on, your car’s computer would save a code in your car to help detect the problem. For this warning light issue to be fixed appropriately, you will have to scan for codes on your car with a scan tool.  

Drive Carefully to the Nearest Mechanic

Air suspension problems are not to be treated lightly. A single malfunctioning of the air suspension due to air compressor problems or deflated/leaky airbags can have huge effects on your ground clearance, handling, and ride quality. So, once the warning light comes on and the reading is not caused by the height sensor, drive as carefully as you can to the nearest mechanic to have things fixed. 

How to Adjust the Suspension Height on BMW?

Adjusting the ride height of your BMW is super easy since everything is right in the center console (and even in the trunk area). So, here's how you can adjust your ride height on your BMW (with the BMW 7 series as our model). 

Starting with the trunk…

Open Up your Trunk

Once the trunk compartment is opened, you will see two buttons. But we will be working with the button on the right.

Click the Right Button  

The button on the right would lower the trunk to give room for whatever needs to get into the trunk. But this button also significantly lowers the vehicle which adjusts the ride height. 

Adjusting the height inside the vehicle via console…

Locate the Air Suspension Toggle

The air suspension toggle is located in the console. This console gives you access to adjust the ride height and other aspects of the air suspension system. 

Ensure that the Doors are Properly Locked 

If you try adjusting or leveling the vehicle in the air suspension toggle in the console when one or all of the doors are opened, it would be futile. This is because all doors have to be adequately locked to adjust the ride height of your BMW vehicle. 

Adjust to your Desired Height 

Using the toggle, adjust your ride to your desired height. 

Please note that the adjustment is often based on what mode you are driving on. If you are in Sports Mode, for example, the vehicle would lower itself by a few inches. However, the vehicle would not lower itself to the lowest height. So, in times when you need to increase the ride height, pull on the toggle and the light would keep flashing. This will happen till it reaches its desired height. 

What Causes BMW 7 Series Air Suspension Problems? 

When the air suspension of your BMW 7 Series gets faulty, it loses its comfort. Starting with the ride height, your vehicle may begin to sit too low to the ground. This would even instigate other problems like tire wear which could lead to bumpy rides. But knowing what causes these air suspension failures is one step to fixing them. 

Hence, the following are some causes of air suspension problems in your BMW 7 series. 

Faulty Air Compressors

The air compressor is the center of all activities in the air suspension system. A faulty air compressor would no longer supply or pump adequate air to the system. This can disrupt and affect other core parts of the air suspension system, thereby causing air suspension failures. 

Leaking Air Springs 

When the air springs of the air suspension system begin to leak, they can affect the ride height of the vehicle. This is because leaky air springs cannot hold pressure. The unfortunate thing is that this leakage can cause damage to the entire suspension system. 

Entire Accumulated Mileage 

The durability of the air suspension parts is based on the mileage. The ideal time to replace your air suspension components is after 80,000 to 100,000 miles. However, when the mileage surpasses the recommended one, the air suspension would start failing from wear and tear. 

Bad Ride Height Sensor 

The ride height sensor is the component of the air suspension system that delivers height signals to the vehicle's control unit. If the ride height sensor located at the wheels gets faulty, it may send the wrong signals to the control unit. When this happens the vehicle's ride might sag and other parts may get faulty, too.  

Bad/Blown Fuse

If the fuse that protects and controls the air suspension system gets blown or faulty, there are great chances that your BMW 7 series will suffer huge air suspension problems. 

The air suspension system is delicate and deserves extra care. So, inspect and maintain the airbags, air springs, air compressor, o-rings, and other key parts. 

How to Know if the BMW Air Suspension is Working? 

To tell if your air suspension is working, you would have to inspect it. Here is how to tell if the air suspension system of your BMW is in good shape and working effectively.

Check the Ride Quality

If the air suspension system of the BMW is not working, there would be a lot of vibration from the car. Conversely, when the suspension is active, the ride quality is great. This is because there are no bumps or vibrations and the ride is smooth and comfy. 

Check the Handling

Working air suspensions provide smooth and firm handling because of the air shocks. This gives you a firm grip on your car, especially when driving in corners. It puts you more in control of your steering wheel. 

Inspect the Ride Height 

When your ride height is easily adjustable and your vehicle is not sagging to the ground, then your air suspension is working. Never forget that one of the primary functions of the air suspension system is to raise the vehicle. This ensures that your vehicle is not too low to the ground; trudging the surface. 

Check for Noise, Tear, and Leaks 

This is one of the most physical indications of a functioning air suspension. If there are no tears and leaks on any of your suspension parts, then you are good. Also, if there is no screeching sound emanating from your vehicle, then your air suspension is working. 

If you air suspension is broken, aftermarket BMW air suspension is a cost-effective option to fix your issues.


The air suspension system of the BMW 7 series is quite easy to navigate and understand. There is no use of technical expertise. So, we trust that with this article, you have learned to reset your air suspension, adjust ride height, and fix the air suspension warning light. All that is left is to ensure that you inspect your suspension parts and fix suspension problems as soon as you can.  

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