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Solenoid Valve Block

How Does The Air Suspension Solenoid Valve Work?

One of the key components of the air suspension system in any vehicle is the air suspension solenoid valve, an electromagnetic device, responsible for distributing compressed air to the air spring.  

The air ride valves are strategically located in between the air bags and the air suspension compressor. The solenoid valve opens when it receives signals that the air pressure in the air spring or strut is below the standard or when the height sensor signals that the car has sagged below its standard riding height. Otherwise, it remains closed.

How To Identify A Faulty Solenoid Valve Block

A faulty solenoid valve block has severe, expensive consequences if it is left unchecked for a prolonged period of time.

For starters;

A faulty solenoid valve block indicates that the air compressor in the suspension system would continue to supply the airbags with compressed air without stopping. This would result in the damage of the air compressor, the air strut may also suffer damage as a result, as well as result in a ghastly motor accident.

So what are the signs to look for when the air ride valve on your suspension compartment is faulty? Find them below.

  • Sagging vehicle; if you notice the vehicle sinking below the normal riding height on either side, it may indicate that the suspension solenoid valve is not working.
  • Leaking air suspension valve manifolds; The solenoid valve block is considered the heart of the air suspension system as it electronically controls the delivery of air into the air struts/springs. Depending on the severity of the leakage, damage in the suspension valve manifolds may affect a side of the car or the entire suspension system.
  • Incorrect installation of the air ride valves. The air ride suspension would not function correctly. 
  • Wear and tear; prolonged use of an air suspension solenoid valve will inevitably cause the valve to clog by external particles. 

The aforementioned are signals that indicate the solenoid valve block on your vehicle is due for replacement.

How To Select Solenoid Valve Blocks

These factors are to be considered when you are about to choose a new air suspension solenoid valve for your vehicle.

  • The reliability of the maker; There are many air valve blocks maker on the market. Ensure the one you are buying has substantial number of positive reviews from other people. You can assess these reviews by checking auto forums on the internet.
  • The warranty; Consider the warranty cover offered by the seller/maker of the solenoid valve product. The longer the warranty, the better for you.
  • Quality of the product; It is in your best interest to buy products that are engineered to last. While you may have to pay a premium for such, its lifetime value would commiserate for the cost.

Maintenance Tips For Air Suspension Valves

  • Schedule your vehicle for air suspension system inspection at regular intervals.
  • Read manufacturer’s instructions when installing an air suspension solenoid valve on your vehicle.
  • Occasionally inspect the air shock valve for dirt particles and clean where appropriate.

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