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Our Service Laws and Warranties

The products we offer in our air suspensions have undergone previous overhauls that ensure the complete and proper functioning of each one separately. In addition to being manufactured with quality materials. Guaranteeing also quality in the workmanship used to apply the air suspension in each of these models.

In the process of fitting our specialist will repair or replace any problems you may find in your vehicle that will cause major damage immediately or in the near future, giving you safety when driving. It should be noted that this process does not have any additional cost as long as the customer is responsible for the expenses in terms of transport and labour used.

  • There are only a few exceptions to this service, which are:
  1. External damage that does not impair the functionality of the car. Such as scratches, bumps, among others.
  2. Natural wear and tear of the product. The only exception to this is that the damage to the product has occurred during the process or that the materials of the product are in poor condition.
  3. Extreme external damage, as well as damage to the bodywork due to a traffic accident, fire or natural causes such as flooding.
  4. Misuse of the product prior to service, e.g. poor workmanship prior to our contract or modification of the product outside of our service.


For no reason shall we be liable for damages that do not directly involve us, such as misuse of the product, inability to use the product or what results after the product has been placed and tested. Unless a jurisdiction applies and any of the above points could not be applied in your particular case.

We reserve all rights to exchange the old product for a new or refurbished product of our property, as well as to offer a full refund of the installation costs. Refunds will only be the only option when any of the warranty points explained above have not been fulfilled as promised.

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