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Ram 1500 Air Suspension Reset

Ram 1500 Air Suspension Reset

Air suspension system are standard in Ram 1500 trucks. This system allows the truck to automatically adjust its ride height based on different conditions. Although the system is generally reliable, there may be instances when it requires resetting.

In this article, we discuss how to reset the Ram 1500 air suspension system, the reasons for resetting it, and ways to prevent ram air suspension problems.

The air suspension system in the Dodge Ram 1500 boasts five levels of ride height, with the "normal ride height" offering 8.7 inches (220mm) of clearance. As your speed increases, the system automatically lowers the truck's height to enhance fuel economy. When off-roading, the suspension raises the clearance to better navigate obstacles. While it operates automatically, you can also control it with your key fob or through a digital button inside the cabin. In case of software or technological issues, a dealership can perform an "Adaptive Reset" to restore the system's functionality. For those who are looking for a quality upgrade or replacement, consider the quality air suspensions for passenger cars by Vigor Air Ride.

Reasons for Resetting the Air Suspension

Common reasons for resetting the air suspension system in a Ram 1500 truck include:

  1. After conducting repairs: Resetting is necessary when you've repaired or replaced parts or sensors within the air suspension system. The reset allows the system to relearn the new components and their locations.

  2. When a sensor isn't functioning correctly: Poor ride quality or lack of automatic adjustment may indicate a sensor issue. Inspect the sensors for damage or dislodgment, and if you can't identify the problem, reset the system.

Resetting the Ram 1500 Air Suspension

There are several methods for resetting the Ram 1500 air suspension system:

  1. Use the suspension button: Press and hold the air suspension button on the truck's console for approximately 40 seconds with the ignition turned to the On position but the engine off. The system should calibrate and reset itself.

  2. Change settings from the display panel: With the ignition turned to the On position but the engine off, use the display panel to select transport mode or wheel alignment mode. The system will calibrate and reset itself. Once completed, revert the setting to normal mode.

  3. Disconnect the battery: As a last resort, disconnect the negative cable from the battery terminal, wait for at least 30 seconds, then reconnect it. This method resets all systems in the vehicle, including the air suspension. However, you'll need to reset other systems such as the radio, clock, and seat memory settings.

Preventing Air Suspension Problems

Regular inspections by a qualified technician and avoiding rough terrain or deep puddles of water can help prevent air suspension issues. If you notice any symptoms of a faulty air suspension system, consult a qualified technician as soon as possible.

For owners of Ram vehicles, maintaining the air suspension system can be particularly important due to the specific design and requirements of these trucks.

If your suspension is damaged or shows signs of leakage, replacement becomes necessary. Purchasing a replacement directly from a Ram dealership can be quite expensive, often costing several thousand dollars. Aftermarket Ram Air Suspensions is a great cost-effective option to get your truck back to optimal conditions.

Where is the Ram 1500 air suspension fuse located?

The air suspension fuse is located in the fuse box under the hood. Once you locate the fuse box, look for a green 40-amp fuse on its right side, labeled F50.

How do I disable the air suspension on my Ram 1500?

To disable the air suspension on your Ram 1500, go to the infotainment settings and look for "aero mode." Turn off this feature to deactivate the air suspension system.


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